Cantolto.it is the cloud-based system created by Gruppo Sanfaustino that allows companies to manage their own prints, labels and packaging easily and quickly through an online archive.

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In few minutes it is possible to preview all the already printed materials, get a quote or place an order.

Archive: with Cantoalto.it each client accesses a private area containing all the printed materials where is possible to review the history of the orders.

Order Tracking: as in a e-commerce website a special area of Cantoalto.it allows customers to track in-progress orders and constantly monitor the progresses of the required prints.

Online + offline: Cantoalto.it gives customers a 24/7 full online control of all their print activities managed with Gruppo Sanfaustino. In the same time they can rely on the availability of an account manager, always available.


Foldy-card is the original communication and promotional tool that – thanks to its compact size – combines the usefulness and the surface of a classic brochure to the handiness and peculiarity of the pocket format.

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The folding inner content extent from a maximum of 2.638 cm2 to a minimum of 46 cm2.

It comes in customized counter displays or it can be used as an attachment in magazines etc. or within a direct mailing to enrich its content.
Adding a QR Code, a Marker for Augmented Reality or other unique codes, Foldy-card becomes a perfect tool to tie together the offline and the online world into a single and efficient multi-channel strategy.


  • It spreads effectively your message and keeps it long lasting thanks to the rigid covers
  • It is never unnoticed, it is completely different from other leaflets
  • It is useful and handy and gives information, maps and useful data the chance to move around with the customer

Start your Foldy project downloading its layout:
Foldy MINI
Foldy MAXI


TodoModo are soft tissue packs with completely customisable paper-based packs, used as a versatile and stylish promotional item. The high frequency of their employment increases the spread of every brand printed on them.

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TodoModo also offers a wide surface for the promotion of brands and products through full color images.


  • It ensures the effectiveness of a message over time
  • Unlike other paper promotional media is not easily thrown away
  • Coated paper makes it resistant as well as beautiful


In Europe TodoModo is spread in many different market sectors: pharmaceutical, automotive, financial services, telecommunications, tourism. TodoModo is an ideal promotional tool to give away during trade fairs, conferences and openings, in shops, cinemas, hotels, offices, information points..


A standard package of TodoModo is made by nine packs wrapped in cellophane. 1-2-3 or 5 packs special blister packs are available as well, with alternate images and the possibility to insert an informational leaflet. TodoModo can be made even more pretty with metallization and scent.


TodoModo has obtained the FSC certification both for the packaging and the tissues.


TodoModo is more appealing thanks to many perfumation options: Eucalyptus, Lemon, Mint, Vanilla, Strawberry, Orange, Peach and many others.


Together with each order a free TodoModo self-stand display is available. It catches the attention and the curiosity of the customers, helping to spread the tissue packs.

Start your TodoModo project downloading its layout